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My Daughters first deer

silver one

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This is my 12 year old daughter Haylie and this is her first deer.

It was awsome for me to watch as I have now watched both of my sons and now my daughter harvest their first deer. She waited it out untill late lastnight holding out for a buck but all we saw were does, So she finally pulled the trigger at 7:10 pm last night. she hit it back and low so we gave it an hour and found it around 9.00 pm


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:thumb:Nice job! :thumb: I'm certain this is something your daughter won't soon forget! It's all about the kids, and that is a great way for some quality time with those that matter the most to you! :thumb:

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congrats to the both of you. I remember well both my sons 1st deer. my oldest son is one of those people you put in a car and he goes to sleep. the evening he shot his deer we had a 120 mile drive back to the house. he never shut up for the whole trip. and didn't even get close to going to sleep. he was really pumped. my other son was pumped but just not like my oldest one was.

your memories are forever.


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