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Holland 9/15 am 9/14 am&pm

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Fished all weekend in my 16.5ft bright blue boat, no name yet.

Sat. am. 3/4

Sat. pm. 0/0

Sun. am. 4/5

Saturday morning trolled out through the channel before light and hooked up just out of the piers. Lost it at the boat, about a 16 pound king. Caught 3 more in 138ft. One 12lb, other two about 18 - 20 inches on the north troll. At the piers - glow stinger spoon that was greenish behind a tiny dipsy 120 out. In 138', 2 on a Patriot dark blue spoon on 10 color, 1 on orange glow fly green spinnie.

Saturday evening nothing. DNR officer at the launch when we came in said no one was doing any good in the evening.

Sunday morning was rough. Trolled the channel out then turned back at pier heads because of waves, next pass through we were able to go out in the lake a little. Immediately hooked up on a double 40 yards outside the piers! Lost an 16lb on a homemade blue and glow fly with blue and glow spin doctor off the DR 14' down. 2nd one was 16lb on a green ladder back Jplug with strips of glow tape 12' down on DR. Next pass just north of the north pier hooked up on the blue homemade fly again in about 25-30fow. Got cutoff by another boat that decided to push us into the beach. Managed to keep the fish out of their boards that were straight behind us but it was close. Landed the 20 pounder, my biggest so far on the lake. Last fish was a few hours later about halfway through the channel on a green Hot 'n' Tot on mono a ways out, 16lb king.

Oh and we got a 17" walleye in Lake Mac between the channel and the green buoy on a green/blue glow spoon on 3 color.

I can post pictures of the lures if anyone is interested, since I don't know all the fancy names yet!

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fished the channel and mouth the last 3 nights on the 18 foot jon with the kids

FRI night went 9 for 23 with everything happening in the channel really - nothing inside of Mac - big lake was grumpy rough and the turns outside the arms were intense - 15 of our fish hook ups came on flasher fly believe it or not - mono 40 back - everything we boated was a male

SAT night went 3 for 5 - same type of program just an insane amount of boats spooking the fish - all males again

SUN night (tonight) was finally sweet relief because hardly any one was out there other than a sailboat and a guy on a kayak (who netted a hog by the way - nice job man!) - we got a late start but managed to go 3 for 6 - my 7 year old son was fighting the last hookup just after dark in front of the arms - unfortunately the fish shook loose after about 20 minutes - it was just a monster and would have loved to have seen it - all our bites that night were either out front of the piers or what was best was between big red and the end of the piers (we just kept circling through there) - 2 hens and 1 male

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for the kids and I the best speed was 2.7-3.0

on the busiest day (SAT aft) I attribute the lack of bites to not only the scare factor of all the boats but to so many other guys trolling at speeds of 1.5-2.0 and forcing us to do the same as we waited in line at a safe distance

it is bizarre this year how many large walleye we have hauled in - this usually happens in a turn on the inside rod which is slowing down - always on jplugs off the riggers - we have gotten 8 of em in the last 10 days and my 5 year old reeled in one that weighed 9 pounds

one thing I would REALLY love information on because this whole fall gig is still very new to me and now I finally have the right boat to do it is what I would describe as the "phase 2" king fishing in Mac. I am talking in about a week when the bite softens in the channel and so many of the fish are in Mac itself. I know they show up at Crescent Marina mid-Oct and the kids and I go after em there from the shore even but what I would love to try to learn about and figure out would be a way to pick them off in the narrows and all the way down the shipping channel. Anyone done this and had luck? What was the strategy and lure selection that worked best?


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