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I had my dad and his buddy down to fish over the weekend. We ended up 5 for 7, very poor for the hours we put in. Fish were in 60 to 80 fow and then out in 115 to 130 fow. We didn't have any trouble marking fish or bait but they just didn't want to bite and the currents were really bad.

22 pound king on white j-plug 250 copper on sw troll,

missed one banging away on a white paddle and green fly rigger 70 down on rigger sw troll helping a one legged guy with his 22 pounder.

10 pound king on BLL bottom deweller on a free slider east troll,

small king on flounder pounder RV 50 down on rigger east troll,

small king on flounder pounder RV 60 down on rigger east troll, and

small king on white paddle and blue bubble fly on rigger 70 down east troll

lost a hog on the 375 copper with blue dolphin UV north troll

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After you mentioned that the currents were bad I checked the current measurements on the buoy off Port Sheldon over the weekend and you can definitely see the high readings.

Bin 1 to 6 is the top 20 ft of the water column and it was moving up to 1 kt (~50 cm/s) on some days. Bins 7 to 12 ft cover 20 to 40 ft, and bins 13 to 18 cover 40 to 60 ft roughly. You'll notice that the water near the bottom is moving much slower.

All of these factors make it very tough to tell what you actual lure speed is through the water.



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