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We spent the entire morning in front of the piers working 17 feet to 50 ft. We ended up one for one. There seemed to be a lot of fish around but not interested in hitting anything. The king we got came on a blue spin doctor with a blue bubble fly on a dipsy set on three 50 back. we were in 19fow off the south pier. It seems like the most fish we marked was in 35 to 40 feet of water.

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I put in next to you at the ramp yesterday morning, chatted with your brother for a bit when I recognized your boat name. Beautiful boat, btw.

I saw the combat circle going on off the pier and my buddy wanted to join in, but I argued it was just too early and warm for that, even if the charter boats were in the circle. We set lines at 60 and trolled NW out to 85 or so. Caught one small king at 65 fow on a green splatter Ace High plug on a 200 copper. Only marks we saw other than the occasional Lakers on the bottom were at 80 feet, when we saw a few suspended around 55 feet. On the way back in we marked one huge bait ball with 5 fish feeding off it at 60 feet. I wonder whether they were there when we went out or moved in as the day went on.

Either way, I should have jumped in the circle, I would have saved some gas. It's very discouraging, I didn't even go out today.

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