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Muskegon 09/05 (AM)

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2 for 2 this morning: 18# and 23#.

Started at 5AM, no fish until 7AM apx.

Both were caught on a mono Dipsy with a green glow Echip flasher and green glow squid. 50 FOW, 100' back, 1.7 - 2.1 MPH by GPS. first fish about 7AM, second about 8AM.

Also almost boated some kind of huge carved(?) log that we snagged on the same dipsy. Strange, knobby looking thing. It got off at the side of the boat. Fortunately, it did not break off the gear ;) Would like to have landed it to see what it was and save others the hassle. That occurred just before entering the breakwater arms. 20# mono is tough stuff :)

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On Saturday and Sunday lots of boats were in the channel and saw a couple fish on. Had a lot of marks on the graph on Sunday but just wasn't in the mood for combat fishing plus all of the blow boats, go-fast boats, and jet ski traffic. It was quite the parade at about 5 pm.

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