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My buddy Nick and I took the kids out for their first fishing trip on the new boat...picked the right day of the weekend anyway! Fishing was slower Sunday morning than what it has been for us out of Holland.

Fished north of Tunnel Park in 75-110 fow; set lines around 7:00 and fished to noon or so.


-6-7 lb king ???? Not sure what that came on...Nick?

-25 lb king on wire diver back 150 w/ 10" Live Wire SD and Proctologist fly (this has been a great combo on the riggers and divers)! Kids tag teamed this one. Thanks Nick for all the help! That's Nick in the pic with the kids and the big fish. :thumb:

-Lost a fish on the 200 copper w/ meat plug.

-Lost a decent fish at the back of the boat on high diver back 130 with 10" Live Wire SD & Monkey Puke meat rig. A tough one for an 8 yr old...but he had fun trying.

Dropped off Nick and my step son; picked up my wife at the launch at 1:30 and anchored up south of Holland on a sand bar and swam with the kids for a few hours. Kids love the boat! Wife is digging it a little too, so only thing to be bummed about is its nearly the end of the season. :(

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