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Fished Friday night (8/30) went 8 for 13. Basically beat into the waves to the south west until 120 FOW turned with them at a northerly direction and started setting 75 down with a big white paddle took our first 2 fish. Corner riggers 54 and 62 with blue dolphin and a gold blade frozen veggies. high divers 140 back with a orange spinny and firecracker fly and the other high diver 80 back with a gold blade red huckleberry (silver streak standard size)

high lines as follows 5 color gold blade red huckleberry, 6 color purple tail, 200 white screwball, 75 frozen bacon, 150 gold blade frozen veggies, 250 white chilly willy.

Saturday night 4:30 to 7:15 dock to dock 1 for 3 160 to 180 FOW south troll. 5 color gold blade orange chilly willy, high diver 125 back orange spinny firecracker fly, 250 grn monkey puke.

Sunday AM 5 for 8 first light 55 to 80 divers 80 and 125 back on 2 glow plugs, riggers 45 and 35 moon shine double trouble and glow purple muffin (streak) high lines with gold blades orange chilly willy and frozen veggies, glow spoons purple tail and frozen bacon. After the first light bite our best was 140 to 160 but it was pretty slow

Sunday PM after the clouds come in we started getting bit ended up with 8 for 12. we picked away from 120 into 55 FOW then stayed in the 55 to 85 and continues to work fish big paddle bottom 25 ft on the center rigger, corner riggers at 45 and 54 (when possible) with blue dolphin and gold blade frozen veggies. low diver 125 with white paddle and meat (broke off :( ) high divers 80 back with Mag gold blade yager bomb and 125 back orange spinny and firecracker fly. high lines gold blade orange chilly willy and frozen vegies, glow blades purple tail and frozen bacon.

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I feel your pain on the meat rig breaking off...last week I went to change the meat to freshen it up on a dipsey, put my thumb on the reel, pulled and POP, there goes he entire thing - dipsey and all...

Nice job on the weekend and thanks for the detailed report..

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