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Went north before light and starters get set up when I noticed a boat to the left of me!! I tolded Matt to get out of his way when he urns ight behind me and follows me!!! Yes fifty yards behind me !! Some words started to fly and he turned off me!! Set lines in 75 fow and worded west and in 90 fow rigger goes 25 lb king ( glow big paddle with a glow poofster fly 50 down) started to work south in 100 fow and the same setup went again! Lost to one!! Then I saw the other rigger bouncing a 7 lb brown !!! Worked south to port Sheldon working 90 o 130 finished the day 6 for 11!! 3 kings ,1 coho ,1 brown,and 1 steelhead( he come on a 10" weenie paddle and Algoma assassin 300 cu ) great to be on the water!!

Big white glow paddle with glow poofster fly

Big white cracked ice with Artic Blast fly

10" white glow weenie paddle and Algoma Assassin head

No hits on wire or braided line dipsey's none on lead core either!!

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you did a lot better than us yesterday. We knocked a nice one off at the back of the boat, after that it was very quiet. Saturday we did everything the same and boated 9. This year has not seemed too consistent. I am pretty sure you were next to us heading in. We talked for a minute.

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