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Muskegon 8/31 evening

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Went 5 for 12 last night with most hits coming just after sundown. Had some newbies out so well you know how that ends up.

high diver with meat rig 150 back on 3 went twice.

and took our biggest fish at 24.1lbsl. Just one hit on a low diver and we knocked him off behind the boat. 225 copper with wonderbread j-plug went but my neighbor over tightened the draw and broke the line. Had to swing around and get the board back but lost the copper and fish. Ace HI double glow rigger down 60. flounder pounder on rigger down 60 went three times.

Missed one on the shoot rigger with meat 74 down. 150 copper with a blue dolphin looking 3 inch j-plug took a 22 lber. Cant remember all of them but is was 10 or 10:30 before we got back to dock. We fished 80-90 all night. Straight out to just a fuzz south. Had a 24,22,19,16 and a 2 lber. I bet we had another on that was well over 20 but snapped my 25 lb big game rigger rod line and took my flounder pounder. The line touched another line I think the copper and sounded like a firecracker when it broke there was so much tension on it. Good luck!

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