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Grand Haven 8/30. Great morning!

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Set lines heading south in 85 fow just after 6 running mostly plugs and flies. Nothing happened for the first 30 minutes or so and then someone flipped the switch. First a diver went then a rigger followed by the 300 copper shortly after the first fish was landed. It was fast action until the sun got bright and then they shut off. We had 7 in the box in less than an hour. We reset all the lines and turned back north in 90 fow in front of port Sheldon. No action for an hour so I switched to meat. Picked up three more on the way back to grand haven. At about 11:30 it was getting rough so we started to pull lines. Picked up 1 more while pulling lines. Ended the day 12 for 12. 9 kings and three cohos. Biggest king was 17 pounds.

What worked:

Silver horde ace high wonder bread plug 2 fish

Silver horde ace high green splatter back plug 2 fish

Big weenie Lake O flasher fly 2 fish

White paddle and fly 2 fish

Dream weaver green paddle and meat rig 2 fish

10 inch blue and white SD with a blue meat rig 1 fish

10 inch white SD with a MOO MOO meat rig 1 fish

All our fish were in the bottom 30 or 40 feet.

Good luck this weekend!

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