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New to this board, but some may recognize me from MS.com. Heading out on Sat out of Holland. Will be our first trip out of the port so looking forward to it. We fished Leland a few weekends ago and put a hurting on them (33 fish), but nothing really big. Hoping to get into some monsters this trip. Will be in a 28 foot Contender with yammies on the back.

Any radio channel that guys use?



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Welcome to the site I think you will b very pleased the guys here are top notch outstanding advice and very willing to share. I have been fishing out of Muskegon and pentwater this yr not Holland there are some top shelve guys here that have been fishing Holland and I would heed thier advice more than mine but flies have been producing my huge fish ( best to date 30# several over 20 ) dispseys with white green/ glow spindoctors green glow fishcatcher and black disco fishcatcher with green/blue greenglow and green frog type (have rubber green strands with black dots mixed in with tinsel have been on fire set as short as 70 out to 225 best has been 140 and 165 in 80 to 110 but caught fish 45 to 210 fow . Caught 30# 28# and 26# all around 95 fow a few more 20# plus in 65 right off bottom guys have been doing well with meat rigs as well this year has shattered my personal best multiple times multiple fish been getting the larger fish at slow speed 2.5 to 1.9 GPS speed ( still need to invest in fishhawk) been getting steroids out deeper and faster 3.1. 3.4 best and best water 165 210 some guys have been out 300 fow again this is just what's been blowing up the big ones for me out of the ports mentioned above plenty of folks in here outta Holland that may have dif/ better advice good luck and report back


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