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Port sheldon 8/29 AM

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5 for 7 all caught between 90-110 fow. Also all caught between 6:30 and 8:00 am!!Fished until 11:00 and pulled lines the heat was getting to us.

3---dr at 50ft. 2 on bloody nose on a fixed slider (up 5 ft) 1 on a coyote

1---180 ft of cu SD with pickled sunshine

1----300ft of cu wonder bread j plug.

3 were kings 18-191/2#'s 1 coho at 7#'s and a 2 # king.

great day on the water real glad the fog prediction was wrong.

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3/3 same water fishing solo. Took one at 7 then a whole bunch of nothing, other than fixing the webcam on the buoy. Went back to 60' and worked the hooks on the bottom, finally getting a double at 11. All nice but not huge coho.

Not kidding about the heat.

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The link for the webcam is always at the end of this webpage where all the data is available


Or you can access the webcam image and video directly from here


Click the video thumbnail on the far right for a 720p video or the one in the middle for a 360p video clip. They load fine on smartphones as well!


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