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Holland Week long report

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What an exciting week its been. All members of Bending Limits were able to get together and fish over the weekend. Tony even brought his father and brother all the way from Bay City!

We were lucky enough to fish twice per day every day from Friday, and ending Wednesday am. There wasn't much change in the fish, but sizes did vary.

We are fishing in 70-90FOW early in the morning and after sunset. Low divers back 70feet and braided high divers back 100 both with Big weenie meat rigs and 10in spin doctors really put a beating on fish. 250-300-350ft Blood run coppers with Big weenie Meat Rigs and 10in spin doctors were also VERY good early. Our outdowns were at 45-60ft with Moonshines. Free sliders also took several fish in the am.

As the day progesses we have been able to still catch fish in 110-130fow. Low divers back 115 and wire high divers back 165. 300-350-400-450 coppers are also really good. We were running big weenie meat rigs, and 10in spin doctors on all of those rods. Our outdowns were still really good for coho at 60-70ft with a number of magnum sized spoons.(i can't remember what baits exactly!!!)

Tuesday night we did some trout fishing, and found that they are EXTREMELY willing to bite. We were lucky enough to put 7 trout in the boat, while losing 5 more in about an hour and a half. Just north of Saugy is where it's at. These were taken on chrome 00 dodgers, and white 00 dodgers with white spin n glos.

The 10in spin drs that worked for us were, Hammer time, White Crushed, Showtime, UV/UV. Paird with, No fish nick, Blue Moo Moo, Moo Moo, Purple haze meat rigs.

Also would like to send out a congrats to Fly catcher on winning the Goldcoast tournament over the weekend! Nice job guys! We were lucky enough to finish in 6th, but with a MUCH smaller box than Brian!


The team


Second largest box of the year! Taken Monday am. 6fish from 21-23 and one at 19!


Goldcoast tournament box.


Tony's pig(he's struggling because he's sea sick!!!) ;)


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