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Set lines in 80' heading west at 6:30. Had two quick hits on a green splatter back plug on a diver 125 back set at 2. Lost one and landed a 10' king. When we hit 110 the 6 color with a white paddle and fly took a 21' king. Turned back in at 140' and trolled around with nothing for a while in the 110' range. At about 9:00 the three hundred copper with a green paddle and fly took a 20' king. On our way back in at 80' we had a double. The first fish was a 10' coho and the other was a 12' king. The coho hit a diver 150 back set at 2 with a wonder bread plug and the king hit the same 300 copper as the 20' king. Ended 5/7 with two 20 pounders. These big kings sure are fun!

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wow! now that's a fish report. First a 10 foot king and then 2 twenty footers:eek: They ARE running big this year:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

I'm just ribbing you, Thanks for the excellent report it is very appreciated going into the holiday weekend :grin:

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