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rewiring my boat this winter need some help

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well my winter project this year is to organize my ride a little better. I have a small boat and everything is easily accessible. I will be having 2 separate 12v systems for the accessories and main motor. I am defiantly not an electrician but I am starting now to get ready for the winter by getting all my supplies and studying now

I have a few basic wiring questions.

1.) If I install a switch panel with breakers do I still need a fuse block for those in the battery compartment? I do not thinks so but I may be wrong

2.)right now I have those glass tube fuses. Are the blade auto fuses better or should I stay with the tubes.

3.) I am adding spreader lights and need a good set of LED's if there are any.

Ill post some pics of what I got going on when I get back to the boat this week end in case anyone has some input


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If you install a breaker panel, you will not need fuses...they basically replace fuses and actually do the same thing. However, you should put a fuse (as close to the battery as possible) on the wire that feeds the breaker panel. This will add protection to the feed circuit. Everything after that is protected by the breakers.

I prefer the blade type fuses only because they dont break as easily when pulling them out (if fuses are corroded in holders; which happens alot in boats)... Another reason why i like blade type fuses is because the contacts are not exposed like the glass holders are. If you happen to drop a screwdriver, chances are you will not short anything out with blade type holders as compared to the tube style holders that are exposed. Some people like the tubes because they are easier to determin if the fuse is burned just by looking at it. But thats really the only advantage they have IMHO.

When wirring a boat, always make sure you use alot of di-electric grease on ALL fuse contacts. This will keep moisture out and prevent future problems from corrosion. Dont be cheap with it....put that chit on everything! haha

Let me know if you have anymore questions. I'm an electronics tech and always glad to answere questions as best as i can.

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Steve If I get a chance I'll take some pic's of my boat with the LED lights I put on this summer depends on how much Light you want but they work nice, I got them at Wal-Mart.

that would be great. I just need enough to tie up and un tangle in the dark.

I have a battery spot light I use to net at night that is on my net

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