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Yes, I heard the idiot ranting and raving and using every 4 letter word out there. Had my son with me, who is 25, so, not a big deal there, but it was annoying.

So, I don't think it had anything to do with jiggers, or perchers, or combat fishing. Just some a$$ trying to grab a little attention.

Oh, and we managed to boat a nice 23# king in 106 fow on a mandarin minnow spoon, 50' down off the rigger in only about 2 hours of fishing from 6-8.

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Not saying it had anything to do with any one group just that it is like this every year as all 3 groups of fishermen try to fish one spot then add in the guys who only fish here a few times a year. And mix in the me generation that can now afford boats so you have guys who go the wrong way and could care less about you or your gear. There is a reason we call it combat fishing and a reason I avoid it because I have a temper. A few years back I had a guy on the pier cast into my boat so I went to untangle his lure to send it back and he started ranting and cussing me out then he was running down the pier throwing sinkers at me so I said F it and drove off with his gear.

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