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Port Sheldon AM, Holland PM - Satuday 8/24

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Went 2/3 in the morning and 2/3 in the evening. All in 90 - 110 fow.

Got a really late start, didn't set lines until around 8. Got a 6.5 and a 7.5lb king. Nothing biting mid-day.

In the evening we set up at 7ish and picked up another small one right away. It was slow until right at dark. It sounded like everyone on the radio had doubles or triples on in the dark. I landed an 18 pounder, my biggest so far.

What worked:

7.5lb king - 10 color with dark blue spoon (I don't have down all the fancy names yet).

6.5lb king - 7 color with a green/white spinnie and a blue glow fly


6 lb king - 7 or 10 color, can't remember. Blue glow fly again.

18 lb king - DR down about half way in 100fow. It was tangled in about 3 lines and in the mess of lures, paddles, spinnies and snapswivels I didn't see what I caught it on. I think the fish sat forgotten in the net for 10 minutes while we tried to untangle our rods and ourselves, all with a bit of a buzz. What a fun mess!

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