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Ludington the past week

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Been up since last Thursday a week ago, been averaging 7-14 bites a trip and the box is as good as your landing percentage, some days good and some days weak. 11 boxed was our best, 2 for 12 was our worst. Lots of big fish that pull hard! The point has fish but it is a madhouse on weekends, had some good days there on weekdays. Got to pick your spots and your turns, I never had boat stress. ;) There was good action offshore for a late morning bite, that is where we got 11, but that slowed a bit lately. Wednesday was the only blow day so far, what a week of calm seas for vacation! :grin:

Today, I fished with my buddy Milt, he was a fishing mentor to me from many years ago and a good friend. We fished 70-90ft of water away from the crowds. Blue bubble SD on a low wire out 110ft and on a 1-1/2lb. Fat Nancy 8in paddle and pickled sunshine was real good on a hi diver out 140, Mag Mongolian beef and Dancing anchovy moonshines early on riggers down 45 and 55. A pearl/blk dot ace hi on a 200 copper. We went 7 for 10, all kings.


Looks like a blow day tomorrow.:mad:

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