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Fished out of SH this AM with good friends Denny and John. Went 6-9. Two Kings a real nice Coho, a Steelhead and two Lakers.

Fished between 110 to 140, with most fish taken around 110 ft mostly north of the pier.

11" Pearl dodger/green fly meat rig on a Mag DD set on #2 back 145 took one and lost one. UV blue dolphin spoon on a DR/SWR down @ 65 ft and 75 ft took two. Mixed veggies SD/green fly on a full core took one and lost a real nice steelhead. Pink alewife spoon on 200 ft of copper took one. Carmel dolphin spoon on a Mag DD set on #2 back 120 took one. Denny said we lost another, but darned if I know on what. I just drive the boat.

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