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Went 5 for 5 in 80-90 ft. 3 small steelhead rigger with a frog and full core with blue dolphin.

No real size. Then got a king on green paddle green black fly. 29 lb. 15.8 oz. Topped my 25 lb scale so took it shoreline tackle for a better weight. That was about 1.5 hrs after catch. Picked up a 5 lb king while fighting the big one. Wonderful and hectic day on a solo run.

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<a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/4/6/2/3/brians_fishy.jpg' alt='brians_fishy.jpg'>

Took a bit but wanted to get the picture up. Bill at shoreline bait and tackle took some pictures and I think he is going to give it to the paper.

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