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Port Sheldon 8/20 PM

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This was my shakedown trip for this year - better late than never...

Setup in 70FOW headded SW with a 6 mag Moonshine spoon spread and just as I got the last rod set the 10 color with a double trouble took off screaming and went to 700' in a couple of seconds. My friend fought that in about half way when it just left. Next up was a hugh rip on the wire diver with a green dot half moon on it back 150' grabbed it but no one was home. While I was resetting it it got hit again and I allmost lost the rod overboard ! We spun around headded NE and went back through that water and took a double of Cohos off the riggers with the smaller 5Lb on a green flounder pounder down 35' and the largest 7Lb on a seeded water melon down 45'. Turned around and repeated out original troll taking a 1.5Lb coho off the seeded water melon that I sent back. If a couple of minutes, the same rigger fired and I really believe the same fish was on it. It had the hook hole in it's lower jaw exactly where I just took the hook out of it. I could not release this one as it ate the spoon.

We saw lots of bait balls suspended 20' - 60' down. While I did not put the big fish in the box, we had good action all evening with a really nice moon to enjoy headding in. It was a fun first trip and we were able to put some really tastey Cohos in the cooler - Nice...

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