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24lb king port sheldon 8/20pm

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i took a new guy out tonight out of port sheldon tonight and he landed one over 24lbs:lol: We took tons of pics with the moon in the background will try to post pics tomorrow when i get them from. In manistee this weekend 2 kids caught their biggest fish to date on my boat so a great week for newbies. ok the important stuff. J-plugs j-plugs j-plugs!!!!lol the green lightning &yellow lightning silver hordes from the outdoorsman in Jenison we caught cohos and big kings on them 3 and 4inch. troll speed 2.7 at the ball on a east southeast and south troll. cohos were in 105-115fow on 200 coopers 3 &5 colors. Big kings 17-24lbs on 300copper and 45down on downriggers 2 on fixed sliders at that depth moonshine double trouble and ss blue dolphin. lots and lots of bait suspended 25-45down there was so much bait the downrigger cables were shaking when we went thru them. FYI there is way more fish down here than manistee and onekema at the barrell guys up there were avg 1-3 fish per trip with alot of lakers:thumb:( we took them in 200fow up there... i cant believe im telling u this part but i think have to work the rest of the week but the big kings were in 90-105 didnt mark as much in there but that's where the biggins were:lol: Good luck and be safe and be kind to your neighbors.:D

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thanks for the report. we went out on 8/18 morning out of ps and started off at 80 and trolled west to about 165 then east back into about 80 feet. went 4-7

1 lemon ice - 145 dypsy

3 green fly green flasher- 175 dypsy

1 orange crush- 50 rigger

1 blue dolphin-250 dypsy

1 lemon ice- 5 color lead core

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