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fished from @ 3:00pm - 8:00pm ended up 5/9. Worked between 120' - 150' with the most productive water being 130'-135'. 1 real nice steely on a rigger and all the rest on long lines. We had 4 fish peel line out and come unhooked as we brought the board in. Highlight of the entire day came while pulling lines. I pulled all the dead rods first and was down to a 300 cu and a 200 cu. I got the board off of the 200 cu and was @ half way in naturally cranking it pretty fast and A fish hammers it. What a cool feeling. It peels all the copper back out and plenty of backing until I could get it turned. It was quite nice to fight this monster with only 1 board out behind the boat. After a good 20 min. battle we were successful at landing my Biggest King ever. 24# giant. These fish are amazing to see in person and pictures really don't do them justice. Truly an awesome day to be out on Lake Michigan.

I will get some pics posted later today.

What worked:

200 cu. w/ SS Blue Dolphin mag. spoon 2/3 (small laker and 24# king)

300 cu. w/ SS Green Dolphin Mag. spoon 1/4 (5# king )

10 color w/ SS Blue Dolphin Regular spoon (4# steely)

rigger w/ clear DW paddle/purplish tape and matching fly at 46' (8#steel)

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That's what I was thinking. They like a bait running 10 mph 15' - 20' down.:eek:

Here is a pic from my Phone. I think I got some better ones on the camera.


I realized that I am wearing the same shirt that I had on when I got the 22#er. a few weeks ago.

The funny thing is my wife told me to change my shirt so I didn't ruin a good one. I think I found my favorite fishing shirt:lol:

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