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Holland WMFL 17th and Sun 18th

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Kristina and I could only find one available camping spot on Lake Michigan and it was in Holland . That made our port decision easy. We decided ,since we were there, to fish the league event Saturday. We set lines in 65 fow, lost one in 75 on a green fishcatcher/ Hypmotist fly at 125 on a 3, spun back to work that for nothing. Headed out pretty much straight out. In 100 FOW a 5 color with a blue splatter Ace Hi goes. Then a full with a green spatter Ace Hi. I was just about to get the board off of Kristina's and the rigger with a Warrior BlueBerry Muffin glow spoon at 60 feet goes:thumb: So (while letting the rigger fish just scream) we get both boards off and get a couple of high teen kings in. So with fish,line,rods,and nets everywhere I get to the rigger. As soon as I got the rod I knew that it was a nice one:taunt: The two us landed all three kings. Rigger fish was 21.6 lbs :cool:me21_edited-1_zps0b8161d8.jpg Too bad our hook up/ land ratio plummeted drastically after that:( We ended working out to 170 FOW landed one more on the full core and had 3 more decent fish hooked up on the BlueBerry muffin at 60. Ended up with only 4 to weigh, not enough for big fish and ended in 5th (I think). Sunday we set up in 65 ,trolled out to 123 with a swing and miss on the full core / Ace high. Turned North and had a screamer on the green fishcatcher/Hypmotist at 130. Ended up being a smaller salmon. Had the blueberry muffin go at 40 down and lost that one. Ended up working that area from 120 to 150. Going 6 for 10. The fishcatcher landed 3, Ace high full core 2 fish , 275 copper /ace Hi 1 fish, could not get the riggers going. 3 kings,2 coho and a steely.krissteelholland2013_zps6e33204b.jpg GREAT TRIP !

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