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Such a Rookie!!!!


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Well we fished out of Whitehall all weekend , lost more equipment this weekend than I ever have in 1 season. Fist had a tangle, lost flasher board ,spoon and line snapped off. Then got a beast hooked up, so I man handled it and lost it within two minutes of fight it , snapped the leader that is when I blew my cool and wanted to sink the fri kin boat. Then we had engine trouble nothing serious beside a radiator cap losing pressure on the expansion tank on port side,we returned to the slip. Went back out Sunday morning lost another nice coho saw it as it jumped out of the water about 8 feet , I've never seen a fish jump that high before and the mono broke again.. Damn it!!!!!! Just about threw the pole in after it!!! And I don't normally have a temper, but this was about enough of losing fish....nothing hit the rest of the time on Sunday we went too deep.....

Bottom line .... Didnt know mono needed to be replaced every year,mine is 6 years old on the reels still........such a feakin Rookie!!!!!

Btw I'm always hard on myself!!!!! I even kicked my own ass for horsing in the large king!!!!!!! End of story!!!

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Keep those reels under a reel cover, or inside the shady part of the boat when not in use too Robert. If you leave them exposed to the sun for any length of time, it rots the line. Changing mono can vary from one individual to the next, depending on a lot of factors. Most charters do a lot of fishing and change line up to three times per season or more. Other novice fisherman should really change line at least once per season. Check the line, peel off 50-100 yds. and see if it's still strong or not. Check your lines after every trip or two, making sure it doesn't have frays or stress marks from extreme fish. Treat your reels and mono right, and it will treat you right in return. I make a mental note to check and retie after almost every trip, esp. if I caught bigger fish that trip. Retying regularly insures the line is up to par, and you lose a lot less fish in the process.

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