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heres what worked:

wire mag divers back 225 and 250 with big white slick paddles and arctic blast fly and pickled shunshine fly

7 color with a green black ladder back j plug

3 down rigger down from 35 to 55 all with green glow pro king mags

1 rigger with a wonder bread dw super glow down 40 ft

225 copper with mtn dew paddle and green fly

150 copper with a yellow colored spinnie and a sour apple howie fly.

Best water was from 190 230. Stayed in that are and just made circle hitting fish.

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We just went on a west troll till we started getting fish. Once we ran out of fish we turned and went right through the same area picking away at them. so we just kept making a big circle through the area. I usually don't go out that deep this time of year either but the fish were out there.

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