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Hook sharpening


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I don't know if you guys run your spoons right out of the package or sharpen them but here is my $.02 on the situation.....

I don't care who manufactures the hook/spoons it comes on, sharpen it! My catch ratio in 2013 is 13 for 14. NOt a bunch of hook ups for us this summer which is a bummer, but these fish haven't came un buttoned. I've lost 2 due to break offs, but not coming un-done. The one I did lose on a dipsey we discovered when the fly came up the treble was a tangled up so I think he had the single front hook and just spit it. Hasn't mattered on riggers, free sliders, lead, copper, dipseys so far this year. The fish hit and stay. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself, but grab a 6 pack (or 12 if you have a bunch of spoons) and sit in the boat and sharpen every one of them!!

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I agree that checking your hooks for sharpness is always a good idea.

When you sharpen a hook it’s important to not create a burr or round over the point by making it too thin. I like to use a 4-1/2” second cut smooth file to sharpen my hooks.

I have found though that there are hooks that are very sharp right out of the package that hold their points. For treble hooks I like the #2 Daiichi (model# D97Q) red round bend 4X hook, these hooks are heat treated and SHARP and hold their point.

For siwash hooks it’s tough to beat the VMC Perma Steel 9171PS Open Eye, these hooks are sharper than any Mustad siwash and if you need to sharpen them it usually takes only one or two file strokes at the most per side. The hooks are hardened and sharpening is a little more difficult than sharpening a softer nickel plated hook. The VMC 9171PC holds its point too.

Good Luck


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