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8/14 & 15/2013 Saginaw Bay Eyes

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Wed I fished with Larry M, Ralph S, and a new friend Karl M. It was rough and we were forced to just go with the flow. We covered some new water and managed to get 9 walleye and 9 nice bonus perch. Guess who got the perch.:D

Thurs I fished with Larry M, Chuck A, and Mike T. They all got there limit along with a bonus perch but I was slacking. Big waves again today. The weathermen really know their stuff.

We ran bouncers and meat both days. Copper, Homemade purple smile, glows, took the most fish. 1.5 MPH with the ocean motion adding to the jerky troll. For the most part the fish are not aggressive.



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Nice job Frank! You've been kicking their tails in all summer long. With the cooler summer here I think the fishing will continue to be good for quite a while!

Keep on em :thumb:

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I'll keep fishing them but with less intensity than earlier in the year. I have witnessed so many wonderful years of walleye fishing on the Saginaw Bay. I can honestly say that this year has been the best year ever and I got a late start because of personal reasons. I miss fishing with my good, but short time, friend Mel D. but I know that he is with me in spirit.

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