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so I fish about 5 times a summer and thanks to you all I do pretty well anytime I go out, certainly having a bunch of fun.

Last night I fished with my son out of Saugatuck. At the end of the night we left 3 lines in the water and just trolled straight in. From about 95FOW to 75FOW the chart was marking what looked like solid fish from about 25 feet down to 55 feet down. Sorry I don't have a picture of the sonar. Not the solid all red markings you get over the slimy green goo...but what appeared to be hundreds of individual fish being marked.

Are those stacked up salmon? or massive amounts of alewife/gobies/bait?

Does it payoff to fish above or below those marks...or straight in the middle of them?

Thanks for any tips on analyzing what the old Raymarine E80 or C80 (not sure) is showing me.

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Could be bait fish or huge schools of cisco...or alot of salmon hoaning in on schools of bait fish.

Either way, i look for this when im fishing and when i do come across areas like you decribed; i always set up right in the middle of it...not sure if its good or bad, thats just what i do.

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almost every night after dark the fish seem to come off the bottom and the gragh will light up thats when the jig is up and it seems like they are done biting, i have tried numerous times after dark but just cant seem to get em to bite so not sure they are all salmon .Pobly whitefish,perch,walleye ect. just my 2 cents

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