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Well we made it over friday 8/9 fished the evening. Went 1 for 2 lost the first one then we hooked into a toad. Tony my partner landed a 32.54lber that was 44 inches long. We weighed it on a handscale that was darn accurate as when we had it certified yesterday at Captain Chucks it still weighed 32.60 i figure it had to loose a bit of weight sitting on ice for a day and a half. That fish hit a 150 copper with a just glowed up green jeans smaller spoon. Saturday we boated 4 for 6 nothing big but found fish away from the pack doing our own thing. Sunday am we limited out 9 kings and 1 steelie back to port by 9:00 am. The weather was perfect and fishing was good. Most of our fish were in 90 to 80 fow water tight to the bottom. Best rig was a blue spin doctor with a riverside fly. Best spoons were green jeans and flounder pounder. Also UV green gator and Uv Mixed Veg.


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We just had a great Sunday am. It all came together as we found the fish down 70 to 80 over 90 fow. We missed the break as i don't have speed n temp at the ball yet. The big fish came from the bath house area. But the boat traffic and craziness told me it was not worth it and we went west and found some fish. It was nice as there were only 4 other boats near us.

Hope to see you and Ted up the Tommy


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