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Tue 8/6/2013 Four Man Limit

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I fished with Gary K, Tom K, and Alex J, for a four man limit in tough conditions. Alex is my 10 yo grandson that reeled in about half these fish and netted the other half. We went S. of Pt. A. and made a long troll N. in 2-4 foot waves. We fished in 25-28 FOW. We had 11 fish the first pass and motored back S. and picked up 4 quickies coming back with the waves. I turned the boat around and trolled into the seas and picked up the last 5 going against the grain. I like going against the usual stuff. Due to conditions we only put out 6 boards and two down rods. 2oz BB and harnesses off the boards and 3 oz off the down rods. The down rods were smoking HOT with copper blades doing most of the damage. A big Purple homemade Smile was our second best producer. I just did some setting up and stayed out of the way. We farmed 2 keepers pulling lines and threw back 3 or 4 shorts. I think we also caught 3 or 4 Sheephead. 1.5 MPH was the ticket. I love it out there and I'm thankful this resource is in our back yards. Gary, Tom, and Alex can fish with me any time.:)


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P.S. You may need to buy them rods back that I got from ya, I'am sure not using them much L.O.L.

Grant, My wife helped me put rods away yesterday. My rods are all lined up neatly on a garage wall. I have to do something a little less organized. My wife was counting rods.:) Ya know it's and addiction.:lol: I do run a big spread and like to have plenty of extras in case something messes up. We stayed clean yesterday with only one minor tangle because a board jumped another line in the 4 foot seas. I have seen it get real ugly. Big boys do like their toys.

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