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Late report out of Pentwater

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Just got home yesterday but fished Pentwater on Sat Aug 3rd

ended up 5 for 6. Fish are in 160 to 240 feet of water off of the south point down by the sticks. took us a while to find the fish and by the time we did the lake kicked up took almost 2 hours to get back to harbor from the south point in 3 to 5. New boat handeled well but your not going to run into them in an 18.5 foot boat.

full core with silver streak Halloween took 3 kings rigger with super slim minne dolphin on slider rigger 90 down took 15lb laker and half core with wonderbred #5 j plug took 1 steel head.

Only my second tripp on my boat since buying it last year and still learning it.

went pretty well. Wifes best friend caught her first salmon ever. girls realed in all the fish.

Thanks to Hillbilly charters for the info and helping us get on a few fish towards then end of our trip before the lake kicked up.:thumb:




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