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8/1/2013 Saginaw Bay Walleye

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I had the extreme pleasure of fishing with Sean, Tom A, and Jim H, for a four man miscount. We farmed a 19-20 inch walleye at the end of the trip. Next trip one guy will be in charge of the count and I'll make sure he has his shoes off.:lol: Someone is going to make a count next time when the 18th fish is netted. I sure would rather be 1 short than one over. It's good thing Dutch wasn't with us. He would have been really p!$$ed. It was nice to start but we then the wind picked up and we had some 3 footers. We had a few tangles, and a busted rod but other than that it was a great trip. Sean was a boy a few years ago when his grandpa Jim brought him aboard Priority1 for a 25 fish trip. He did the work of a man this trip helping set lines and netting fish. Jim is teaching him well. Everything we had down was taking fish. We started with a 12 rod spread but scaled back to 10 when conditions worsened. 3oz BB off the down rods and 2oz BB off the Offshore boards with flag kits. I just love being out there. I gave my fish away again this trip.


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Man Frank, it seems like there on the feed a little longer than normal this season, great work as always.

Terry, I stayed on em until the middle of August last year and quit because I had honey do s backed up a mile. It is far easier and more consistent in June. Like your side it's all about water temps. Today we had 69-70 on the surface which is so unusually cold for this time of the year. I fished within a 1/2 mile circle for 6 weeks straight including the trip you were there. That in itself is unusual. June had a lot of E NE winds that kept the fish in my pocket. I'm running a little bit now but not bad.

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Frank' date=' as always good job! I can't believe that after all these years you still can't count to 20 without skipping a number. Keep practicing my friend![/quote']

That's why I keep going. I'm just trying to get it right.:lol: On the other hand if I get it right it would be one less reason to keep going.:D

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:thumb: Frank. I should have stayed home and worked the bay the last days for the EYE'S:rolleyes: instead I drove 400 mi's to catch the silver breed NOT good 5 fish in 3 days:( but had a good time, water is june water for sure;) Keep up the good work Frank you the man:cool:
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