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My name is Jeff new to the site been reading a lot of post on here over the past couple of weeks keeping up on the big lake I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who post fishing reports I haven't been able to get out yet this year and my first trip for the year is going to be a big one! This will be the first year in 5 yrs since my divorce that I will get to take my 4 kids out salmon fishing this will be thier first trip ever on the big lake fishing so its a really big deal we are going for two weeks starting July 29th out of Muskegon I just can't express my gratitude to all of you for sharing vital info to help this guy see his kids catch their first salmon off my boat (we fished the piers for yrs when they where little they have all caught salmon except my little girl). They are super excited and needless to say so am I but again my sucess in memories for a life time are going to come in part thanks to all of you.!!! I will share any and info I have as the trip unveils and post some pics as well. So you all can see the dreams you helped make come true. Sorry for the long post. Do glad I found this site!!! Thankyou all again!!! I go by fresh water warrior on the water if ya happen to be out next week or week after


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I agree, This has been a very friendly forum made up of some first class fishermen. I always say, It is a very big lake with plenty of room and plenty of fish, so there is no need to keep any secrets.

I wish you the very best on all your trips with the kids:thumb:

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