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Another quick trip before work today ended up being a fantastic trip before work. We set lines in 110 and started taking fish all the way out to 150. First hit came on a high diver with a green frog spin doctor and proctologist big weenie flie, only to have the leader break a few seconds after the hit. After the first hit, the fish kept coming so we never were able to get all of our lines back into the water. Riggers outproduced the divers by a small margin but every rod took a fish this morning. Almost our entire spread consisted of spin doctors & flies. We ran paddles low divers back 120-140 with various green spinnies and Big Weenie flies along with 11 inch paddles with Glow Artic Blast Big Weenies. High divers 180-200 with the same setups. Riggers at 60 & 70, one with a paddle and the other with a Mixed Veggie spinnie. The coppers took 3 fish; the 200 went twice with a regular skittles Silver Streak and the 250 went once with a mag blue dolphin. We ended 12/16 at 8:30. We miscounted and only kept 9 fish but the 3 were successfully released. South troll going 2.1-2.3 at the ball took all of our fish. Goodluck to those who go out this week. Will post pictures after work.



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