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A little help please

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Hi all!!

Thinking about making the drive tomorrow.

I live on the west side so I have 3 ?'s

1. Where is the best fishing right now?

2. How deep?

3. Looking at the NOAA forecast and they are saying: variable winds 1-2 footers and a

SMALL CRAFT advisory....how does that work?:confused:

Tx, Mike

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The best fishing on the Saginaw Bay is Mid May through early July. The fish have recently scattered and it's an ever changing game. I have some friends from the West side that fish with me often. Most of them will still have my words ringing in there ears, "Get over here in June". It's just so easy then.

I'm not trying to discourage you from going but there is no pat answer to your questions. I spent 2/3 of my last trip looking for fish. It will probably be the same thing next trip. Prime time has past.

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1. You can never go wrong with crawlers!

2. Fish on the bottom after a big wind

3. Don't give up on fish that pop off right away...

4. Troll faster at first then slow down if need be.

5. You don't need fancy blades to catch walleyes on the bay....

6. The fish don't care if you have glitter on your boat!!!

7. Don't horse bigger fish even if you know its a cat or drum...seen that happen a million times...

8. Drag some of the btm bouncers just tick the others see what works better!!

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