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Hey guys, first post, first time out for the year, and first time out of PS..

Went 6 for 10, started in 90 and headed west, hit nice coho in 115 fow on a free slider double orange crush with ball set at 62.. Trolled around for an hour without any more bites. Put it on a south east and missed another on same rig. Hit 100 fow and 300 copper with Mongolian beef went screaming back, then gone! Got into 80 fow and got 14 lb king on 5 color stinger jawbreaker, hit nice coho on full core with green lightning plug, big coho on agent orange free slider in 70 fow with ball at 45 down. Missed a nice fish on low diver while attempting to net a fish, by time I got to the rod it was gone. Hit another coho on a moonshine half-a- meal on a rigger 40 down. Last fish was a 18lb king on 7 color lemon ice. Missed another slider bite, can't remember that one

My graph at dark in 65-75 fow looked like simulator mode, would love to make a north troll back through that but buddy had to get home.. Bait and fish everywhere. Wished we would have started there right away.

Nice night to finally get out, flys we're terrible, fleas were not as bad as expected.

First time I fished out of PS, seemed like very friendly radio chat with everyone willing to share info, hopes my report helps someone.. Looks like big winds for a few days..


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what is a free slider if you don't mind.

Generally, a free slider is a section of line, 3-6ft long, that attaches to the line you're running from your downrigger rod. Snap swivels on both ends, one gets the spoon and the other clips onto your line, after your rigger rod is set, where it will work it's way down to the bow in your line and stay there sliding freely on the line. In MI they are an extra "freebie" line while in other states they count as a line in the water.

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