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Meat Teasers

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I've read a lot of posts and have talked to numerous fishermen this year claiming their meat rigs have been very successful for them. I don't have a very complete arsenal of meat rigs, and have read of some of the "meat rigs" everyone runs, but when I look for them in stores or online, I find that they are only the flashers. So what kind of teasers do you run with you flashers? Of my limited success with meat rigs, I have noticed that tensile teasers have outfished my silicone/rubber teasers, anyone else notice the same?

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John King meat rigs Black mamba, undertaker and the green glow and blue glow uv he has a web dye Great Lakes tackle can be found in sponsor page of this site his rigs 3 fly 2 treble run right and there is a video on site also how they should run the ONLY brand I buy anymore Awesome!

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