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4 -4 somehow:no: fished between 100' and 140' with 3 fish in 130ish and 1 in 115'. 300' copper took 3 fish with a SS blue dolphin mag. Small laker came on a slider with a DW purple carbon with the rigger down 60'

The somehow we got all 4 had to do with only 2 of us and the 300' going back hard . my 13 year old was whooped from a battle with a 10 lb. er so I put him at the wheel and I would take this one. after I got the board to resurface and begin to gain a little the port rigger fires. It was luckily a small laker and came in easy for him. I netted it with one hand and he then has to free the net. No one is at the wheel at this point. the boat is slightly veering to stbd and the 22 lb. king has gotten all the way across and behind the boards on the stbd side. I can't even remember all the evasive moves we were laying down, but we are creating a huge mess! It avoided all the long lines but got into the braid dipsey. I knew I could not hand him the rod so he was ging to have to net. I am cranking him hard to keep him up. He gets the net under but the fish is not in yet. I give a good yank and the line snapped.... with the fish slamming home in the net.:thumb: We will remember this trip for a long long time.

I'll add some pics tomorrow.

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