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Decided to hit the water this morning despite the terrible reports. Went south to 60 fow and trolled straight West all the way to 200 fow and found some warm water and popped to fish. A laker and king. King was caught on a wonderbread spoon 55 down and the laker was taken on a blue meat rig on a wire diver 225 back.

I would have to say save the gas and head out later this year when the fish show up. Talked to 7 different boats in the parking lot after and 6 of them were skunked and one person had 1 fish. Also heard captain chuck and another charter captain over the radio and the had no fish between the 2 of them and that was at 10 am so the fishing right now is bad to say the least but we do have 5 days of south wind on the way which should change things alot. Positive thinking!!!

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Fished the bank yesterday. Saw plenty of fish caught. We took two good rips on 200 copper with meat but missed them. Hooked up on wire as we were pulling them. It went out to 700'. Had it to the back and came off. Long day!

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