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Out of Michigan City 6/29/13

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Out of Michigan City 6/29

Fly Bite,

Those nasty black flies that nail your legs and drive you off the lake,.... love em. They have a life cycle out there in deep water that causes them to come to the surface and spawn. And the fish go wild. Wow, Saturday was a slaughter from the charter boats out in 80-150+++++ . The surface was a wee bit warm at 63 but down 30 to 45' coho magic. Below that Kings. We had one 14lb king and lost a treble hook on a gold blank Kevorikian, and also a lost fly ; alll on 250 coppers.

The best baits at these times for me are black coho flies on the same setups we use in the spring. peanut flies and 2 inch flies, my best was one that Ryan Koepke of ITO flies made for me, black with some marabou in it. behind a OO orange dodger on a cuda torpedo rig, 30' (not kidding) down. I duplicated that on both port and starboard sides. The dodgers the guys are using are varied. I found 8" orange, 8" spin doctors and pro troll all worked with the black flies. some boats are using dreamweaver 4" spindoctors yellow with orange tape.

Other biats- stingers UV mixed veggie and orange tuxedo on sliders,

Downriggers were hot at 40 and 45', with leads at 25',

Dipsy #3 setting , 90 to 120 out.

Board rods- 7&8 color lead cores, Coppers 150/175 to 250. We didnt run any thing deeper, I didnt have enough licenses on board. The rumor was that no one was catching anything below 60' but I know the big boys are there.Just not as plentiful as the coho.

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