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fished out of holland last night for the steelheaders leauge, we went to 80 fow and after switching out a defective bilge pump we started to fish , if you want to catch laketrout they are in 80 to 110 fow and are very willing to bite just bounce bottom with a tin can and spin-n-glow we caught 5 trout ,2 coho,1king and a steelhead going 9 for 13 . the steelhead came on a 150 45 lb blood run copper with a hot lobste spoon , the king came on a300 45 lb blood run copper with a blue frog silver streak spoon , the cohos came on dipseys with meat rig on one and a dream catcher spinnie on the other , the lake seems to be setting up with a nice temp break down 65 foot . :thumb:

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