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Hey all

After almost 5 years on the sidelines dealing with health issues I have the new silver one ready to roll. I am heading up to our cabin next week and looking to fish out of pentwater or luddington.

Have not seen any reports. Have see a few out of Manistee but not looking to go that far north if I dont have to.

Any members of the northern ports heard anything. cant wait to get back in the saddle.

Would greatly apprciate any reports.


Boat Name: The silver One.

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The websites of fish-ludington.com has weekly reports, so does Chuck's Sport shop online. Way south to Little Point Sable, or straight out 17 miles is working, but it's work. High free-lines are going for less work, mostly big lakers, and nice steelhead. Welcome back Silver One Joe, hope the best is yet to come, both health-wise, and fishing of course. Tight lines!

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