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Fished out of Whitehall on Saturday going 3 for 4 (one king, one coho, and one steelie). Fished from 10-2 (looked like a storm was coming). Fished in dense fog most of the morning and pretty slow fishing (typical June). Fish came down about 50 feet with getting hits south of the pier in 80-120 FOW. Fish came on riggers, dipsy and full copper.

The net situation hasn't gotten any better. There is a net just north of Duck lake at about 110 - 140, Then another stranded one just south of the pier in about 85 FOW (really watch this one because part of it is runs south from the flag and not west (we ended up catching this one, lucky not to lose anything). Then there is another stranded one in 60 FOW just north of the pier. These are very hard to find in the fog and poorly marked, so it was a bit stressful out there fishing in the fog.

Just hope they get rid of these 2 poorly marked stranded nets soon. Done fishing until around the 4th.

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Got into only what i can assume to be a net in 150 feet just south of duck lake. luckly only lost a little bit of copper. If your going to fish south watch out the only maker i could see was something that look like a broom stick sticking out of the water with no flag on it.

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