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Au Gres 6/19 Solo Fishing Fail!

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Well, after getting out of work this morning I went up to Au Gres with the boat to try and catch a few walleye. Got there and got the boat set up and called Frank on the radio to see how the fishing was. There were halfway to a limit so I went to splash the boat. Used the new dock which was a little short for my boat and the water level. Had to back in quite a ways and then rolled up the jeans to get on the trailer tongue to slide the boat off. Instead of getting down into the water I tried to step/hop over to the dock. Landed short and scraped the front of my leg on the dock boards. When I rolled over I was missing a large piece of skin/flesh and could see a lot of the inside of my leg. There was a knot on the end of the board that had come out and created a very sharp hook that had snagged my leg. The piece was hanging there on the board. Some very nice fellow fisherman pulled the boat out for me while another guy called 911 as I was bleeding pretty heavily and feeling light headed. I took off my shirt to bandage the wound and called Shelley while I waited for the ambulance. I also called Sixshooter and had him call Larry (Rat City Hooker) who was out with Frank to see if they could take care of the boat for me. Got a quick ride to the Standish hospital in the ambulance and then a tetanuse shot before 2 rows of stitches, one on the inside to pull it back together and another on top to close it up. Not sure how many since I haven't taken the bandage off yet. After that I felt better so Shelley took me back up to the boat launch where we met Frank, Larry and Ralph who helped me get the boat straightened out and I headed home. No serious damage, just a pretty bad case of road rash and some stitches, so it could have been a lot worse. Plus no walleye:( From now on I will be fishing with a partner and leave the solo fishing stuff to someone else. Thanks to the guys who helped me and everybody who didn't steal any of my stuff in the 2 hours I was gone. I have to admit I was a little surprised that everything, including my wallet and 2 displays, were there when I got back. Makes me feel a little better about society. I made Shelley take a picture so if you want to see a hole in my leg shoot me a text and I'll send it to you.

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Heal up Nick. I never fish without at least one more competent adult along. Even father and kids can be a problem if something happens to dad. TG it wasn't more serious. Please send me a pick to my email addy listed in the mod section.

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