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Cant find salmon

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I've been trying to locate salmon for over a month now and still have no luck...I fish the northern part of lake huron between Manitoulan Island and the north shore. I've tried everywhere arround here with not one release. Obviously im doing something wrong, but not sure what it is. I mostly use Northern King lures but i've also tried a flasher with smelt draggin behind it with no luck...tried different sized flashers as well. Even tried a Flasher/ Lure combo...no luck. Tried a rapala with "cow bells" with no luck....tried at all different depths as well. And still NOTHING. I'm marking alot of fish in some areas but cant get them to bite. There's one spot in particular called "little detroit" (where Spanish Rivers dumps into lake huron) where im marking CRAZY amounts of fish (or bait fish..not sure) and still nothing.

I dont know what to do...lol I only have downriggers, never tried dipsy divers or anything like that yet. I use cheater lines to get more lures in the water. I use sent sometimes on my lures.....

Are they just not up north yet or what???

Any help is apreciated:thumb:



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Hey Claude,

I'm fishing out of Kincardine on Huron. I work with a guy who's brother in law runs a charter out of South Bay mouth. I'l try and get some info for you.

I know he said the average size of the salmon is increasing and he seems to be doing good right now.

Even where we are here they are getting bigger, looking healthy and are full of smelt.We haven't seen fish like this in quite a few years.I'm heading out tomorrow am to try my luck.

Been building a new house so i've only been out once this year.Boated 2 lakers around 8lbs.Good size for the campfire.

How fast, deep and what depth of water you fishing?

If you are using riggers only, throw some cheaters on there to cover some more water.


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Thanks Dave. I fish in 80 to about 130ft of water at around 2.4mph. I usually set one rigger at 67ft with cheater and the other at around 55 with cheater. Is this too deep this time of year?

Speaking of Lake trout, I haven't caught or seen one of those around here in years...dying breed?? Seems like it's just salmon or rainbow...I remember when I was younger, seemed like Lakers was the only fish that we caught...not anymore

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They are doing well in south bay and prov this week fishing 100 fow with riggers around 60. Zero reports on the north I tried tuesday night around honora and zero luck also. Ive never really heard of catches before july on the north side though for some reason.

The lake trout are all around here and in healthy numbers. Our local ministry is raising and planting them from the fish culture station on manitoulin.

The trick is Finding structure deep enough to have the required temperature. Then running lake trolls or spoons as close to bottom as possible at the slowest troll possible. 1.5 mph is my preferred.

Im heading out of prov for a go friday and then might be out westbay/clapperton sat morning

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If the weather is nice and wind is low, you might see me in the westbay/claperton area saturday morning as well...If you see a black legend 18 extreme; thats me!

1.5mph is your preffered speed for trout only? or both salmon and trout?

I dont think my 115 merc will troll that slow...maybe facing the wind...2mph is what i see when in geer.

One more question...what size ball do you use? i have 8 pounders and was thinking on getting some 10's.

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I run a key west 225cc ill keep my eyes peeled. For lake trout i troll as slow as possible. I recently installed whats called the "happy troller" from bas pro. Its a trolling plate to slow you down to those speeds! I used to simply use two 4 gal buckets tied off of each side of the stern to slow down and it worked for years just annoying. Salmon steelhead im anywhere from 1.5-3 all depending on the day. I use 10 pound balls just like the extra weight.

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Do you always have a flasher on? How long are your leads off the riggers? Nk 28 s are my best spoons up here in superior especially in orange but quite often putting out 1 flasher will kill the whole spread. Try running just spoons 80' back. Also experiment with depth I don't know your local conditions but I'm getting a lot of chinook 20' down over 60 to 160 lately

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