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Cleared the piers and dredge buoys at 5:20 with my daughters as a crew in the row boat. Ran to Saugy, well, almost got there by 6 in hopes of bait (some) and steel (none).

Not wanting to run to 60' and look for lakers, we phased out the steel stuff and switched over to brown stuff, and finally got a pattern going with mixed veggie small spoons on the 2 color cores right on the bottom in 10-12' in the dirty plume water just north of the piers. Didn't mark a fish in the clear water.

We were cycling though the rods non stop due to all the junk in the water. At the end, I was down to just 4 boards and still by the time I got the last one clean, the first one would have the lure on the top spinning. I didn't sit down for the last 3 hours and probably set 50 planer boards today.

Ended up pulling them at 11 so the kids had time to climb the dune on the way back to port. We were 9/11 with 6 ~ 4# browns, one lost at the net, one slightly bigger broken off in the prop wash, and three really nice sheepies that got our hopes up.

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Funny thing is if I had the Four Winns I would have blown out of the pier heads in half an hour and gone looking for lakers. Completely blind squirreled this one as I've taken three browns this spring and spent plenty of time looking for them.

Going to need to find some fish of size for the youth tournament in 2 weeks.

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Nice work! I must admit you've gotten everyone in multiple tourneys by doing something completely out of the box.

I just wish you would have taken the four winns. :)

nice job again, I think you do a great job with keeping those girls interested in fishing and making sure they have a good time...something I hope to copy someday in the future.

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