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Started setting Lines about 6AM. Most were not going out too far. We marked some about 30' down between 85 and 95 FOW. No takers. Everyone seemed to move in, so we followed. Saw a few being caught, most didn't look like salmon from a distance, more like small bass. We finally got some action around 11AM, caught the first one without a release from the rigger, down around 30', A HUGE one, had to be a 10 incher. Then had a triple, lost the first one, the second was a 11LB king on a diver, the third was another small one on a diver. Let the two small ones go. All of the action we had was in the 50-60 FOW area. Black and White spoon, Orange Crush, and a white glow spoon with a bit of orange and green. Overall pretty slow.

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