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4" Trolling flies


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What is your favorite 4" trolling fly for Kings that doesn't "imitate" a bait fish. An "attracter" fly, if you wish, that you go to at times. Example: aqua pearl tinsel 5½ turns with a chartreuse tab. Thanks, New member

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Welcome Tom, KRW Aqua Gold or Aqua Gold Glow are my favorites.

Same here ...Ed...but I change Ken's treble hook to a single double hook fly set up. Most of the time I buy the 3 pack fly bodies from KRW and make my own hook setup. I was on a friends 33 Blackfin on Tues. evening the king that came in was caught on the 2 single hook fly and the other lost on the treble hook fly on its way to boat after 5 minutes or so into the fight. Same colors,same spin doctors on both dipseys.

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