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Au Gres Boating Hazzard

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There is a log sticking in the bottom of the river with the tip of it just at the surface of the water right at the mouth of the river. It's on the north side of the river (left side as you go out) about 40' from the bank. A guy hit it today and wrecked his prop. There are also lots of trees in the river sticking out along the south side of the breakwall that you need to watch out for. Also, the ice this winter must have pushed some rocks up along the south side of the channel between the pier heads and the buoys. I talked to a repair shop in town and over a dozen boats have hit those rocks, so don't stray right when you are heading out. Go out very stright between the buoys. A boat hit those rocks this morning going out in the fog and he was done for the day.

By the way, the fishing is red hot all over around Au Gres now. We fished deep water this morning away from all the boats and limited out in very short order on fish from 15 to 25 inches. Lots of short fish to sort through on the crawlers, but when I fine tuned a Hot N' Tot presentation those rigs took all bigger fish. I fished the Tots 90' back with a 1.5 ounce weight at 1.7 mph in deep water.

Capt. Mike Veine

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